Bonsai trees can cost millions of dollars😮😮, why is it so??

Bonsai is an art form that requires years of training and centuries of dedication. At 2012 International Bonsai Convention, a tree was on sale for 100 million yen, just under a million dollars.


So what is it that makes bonsai so expensive?😮😮

Bonsai is a art of dwarfing a regular tree to create a perfect miniature representation of nature in a small pot. It has long history, originating in China, the practice of creating tiny trees and landscapes appeared as far back as the sixth century. Years of cutting, wiring, repotting, and grafting have hindered the trees' growth. Every day, the plants must be checked and frequently watered. The expertise required to grow these trees has a significant impact on their worth. They're frequently bent and twisted into shape, positioned around rocks, and even grouped together with other trees to create a miniature forest.

Many of these techniques require years to master, and any errors made can can result in permanently ruining the shape. or even killing a plant that has been growing for centuries. 

This method requires a level of dedication and time that is unmatched by practically any other type of creation. While the work resembles sculpture, the plants are alive and will always react in their own unique way. Because this process takes such a long period, there aren't many trees in the area. Because some of the most costly bonsai are over 800 years old, supply is unlikely to grow anytime soon.

Other things can influence the price. The bonsai pots and tools are frequently handcrafted and can cost thousands of dollars. Certain tree species are also more difficult to grow or necessitate certain techniques, and thus command a greater price. But, above all, these trees are works of art, prized for their beauty and the artist's vision.

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